When will UK lockdown end? The latest news and updates from experts

The question on everyone's lips: when will UK lockdown end? Here's what we know so far...

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When will UK lockdown end? After four and a half weeks in lockdown (and counting), most of us will have wondered at one point or another when we can expect the current lockdown measures to come to an end. 

While Professor Chris Witty, Chief Medical Officer, suggested that social distancing in some form or another could remain in place for up to a year – or at least until an effective vaccine, or drug treatment, is introduced – there is some suggestion that the lockdown measures currently in place could begun to be gradually lifted in the coming weeks.

On 16th April, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab extended UK lockdown for an additional three weeks in a bid to continue 'flattening the curve' and preventing the NHS from becoming overwhelmed by patients suffering from Coronavirus. As such, we can expect further updates on 7th May regarding the potential extension, or relaxing of 'lockdown' measures. 

Until then, there's little we can do other than to hang tight and appreciate that everything we are doing in staying home will help reduce the spread of the vaccine and has the potential to save thousands of lives. We know that it feels tough at times, but abiding by social distancing and self isolating advice will be more than worth it in the long run.

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