When DIY stores go rogue: Homebase aces home accessories with its autumn range

Homebase's stunning new furniture and accessories range will even fool design snobs (you know who they are)

homebase storage bench for the living room or chest for kids toys
(Image credit: Homebase)

Thought DIY stores were for tools? Pah! The Homebase autumn homewares range has arrived in store and our interest has been piqued. Yes, we've spotted quite a few pieces (and their small price tags) that we are absolutely loving. 

To be more exact: 

So, let's have a look shall we?

1. Soft chenille cushions, £10

Soft chenille autumn cushion in rust

(Image credit: Homebase)

We are kind of obsessed with the colours of these Homebase soft chenille cushions. They come in a range of earthy tones from ochre and rust to oatmeal, plus there's a cheeky teal, too. We think scattering a few of these cushions in different colours around the house could change up your rooms' colour schemes instantly. And at £10 each (yes, really), they won't break the bank. Ultimate bonus?The 100 per cent cotton cover is really soft to the touch.

2. Attlerley storage bench with cushion, £75

Atterly storage bench for the living room or chest for kids toys

(Image credit: Homebase)

The Atterley storage bench (above, under the window) does what it says on the tin. It's a perfect little piece if space (or storage space) is at a premium – isn't it always? The rattan weave in ashy autumnal tones has a rustic, natural look, perfect for homes with a cosy interior. It has three drawers and an upholstered cushion seat so it's practical without compromising on design. 

We think it would be brilliant in a hallway for hiding away everything from shoes to bags or in a bedroom as a window seat or end-of-bed storage ottoman, too. Actually, at £75, we're going to buy three. Well, it IS payday.

3. Occasional Chair, £60 

Occasional chairs from the autumn range

(Image credit: Homebase)

Can you believe this occasional chair, above? It's a ringer for the ones we've seen in Oliver Bonas and Graham & Green (ahem, both £395). The soft velvety upholstery combined with the rich colours makes it a hard buy to resist. No sorry, it's not that. IT'S ONLY £60. We'll have a set of five please. 

Stood delicately on its dainty wooden legs, but with a wide, soft back, this piece offers everything: comfort and elegance. We can see it in the bedroom, too.

4. Pasha pineapple hanging light, £50

Pasha pineapple hanging light for the bedroom or living room

(Image credit: Homebase)

Let's talk well-designed lighting for a moment (something of an autumn obsession in the Realhomes.com office). It's the key to creating a warm, welcoming ambience as the nights get longer and darker. Our favourite from this masterfully designed bunch? The Pasha pineapple hanging light, £50. It's made of layered leaves of rich, fine natural wood, and we think it's a gorgeous autumnal centrepiece for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms alike.  

5. Black and oak utility chair, £20

black and oak veneer utility chair with wooden seat and metal legs

(Image credit: Homebase)

Let's be real, September isn't just about rustling the golden leaves out of your hair, kicking off your wellies and snuggling up by the fire (though we really wish it was). Some of us have work, and whether it's for a home office or a uni bedroom, this Mid-century style utility chair, £20, is a FAB choice. Simple and neutral, it will suit any interior, so you can work in style. Sigh.

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