These are the best Black Friday electric toothbrush offers today

We've scoured the electric toothbrush sales so that you can upgrade and get a bargain. There are tons of great deals to be had today – and these are the best

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Using Black Friday as a good excuse to hunt down the best electric toothbrush sales? Good idea... but don't bother leaving this page. We've found the very best deals today. So, whether you’re ready to swap your manual brush for an electric toothbrush, or want to upgrade to a more sophisticated electric number, now’s the time to shop. 

All you have to do? Just keep scrolling to see today's top picks. And for more Amazon Black Friday deals, go to our hub page.

Oral-B Junior Kids electric toothbrush: was £49.99, now £20.99

You can get kids into good habits early with this model, aimed at six to 12 year olds. An automatic timer means they’ll spend the correct amount of time on their teeth, and extra soft bristles will take care of their teeth and gums. Once charged, the battery will last for seven days, so they can keep using their brush even when they’re away from home. And it's less than half price!

Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush was £34.99, now £33.90 

Okay, not a great discount, but a great toothbrush at a great price. If you like the shape of manual toothbrush heads, but want superior results, check out this design. The contoured bristles and angled neck mean it’ll be easier to reach back teeth, so you don’t neglect any areas of your mouth. It comes with a travel case, so you needn’t be deprived while you’re away, and it’ll stay charged for two weeks.View Deal

55% off Oral-B Pro 3 3000 CrossAction electric rechargeable toothbrush: was £99.99, now £34.99

Brushing with an electric toothbrush promises 100 per cent more plaque removal than with a manual toothbrush and, with this deal (£44.86 – that's a saving of £55.13!), how can you say no? As well as plaque, it’ll remove stains from teeth (yup, that’s your tea and coffee drinking), plus let you know if your brushing is too vigorous for the good of your gums. It comes with two brush heads to get you started.View Deal

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 electric toothbrush and toothbrush head | Was £139.99, now £55 at Amazon

This toothbrush is perfect if you want an electric model but don't want to spend too much. It doesn't have all the moves of the toothbrush above but it does remove up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, has pressure sensor alerts that tell you when are brushing too hard, a smart brush head replacement reminder alert and a handy travel case. There's two weeks of battery life, too.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Electric Toothbrush, Black | Was £279.99, now £79.99 members only Black Friday deal

An incredible saving on one of the best electric toothbrushes out there (in fact, we're tempted to say it may be the best one). This will get your teeth feeling cleaner than ever, without any undue pressure on your gums or damage to your enamel. Gentle yet powerful; comes with a replacement head and travel case.View Deal

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush: was £299, now £99 

Of course we appreciate the health and whiteness benefits of this electric toothbrush, which cleans by pulsing water between your teeth with the strokes of the brush breaking up the plaque and clearing it away. However, as design fans, we confess that we’re also rather taken with the black finish and hidden LED controls, which glow when it’s in use, and fade when it’s not. And there's a whopping £200 off. Nice.View Deal

Oral-B Genius 9900 set of 2 electric toothbrushes: was £449.99, now £109.99 

Your other half can have teeth as lovely as yours with this great deal of two electric toothbrushes for just £109.99 – that's £340 off! You can be sure you’re (both) brushing just as the dentist says with the intuitive system. Position detection stops you missing any areas when you’re brushing. You’ll know if you’re applying too much pressure to gums, too, so you can avoid problems. The timer will keep you on track, and the battery will last more than two weeks on one charge.View Deal