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The GHD Original Styler are in the Amazon Black Friday sale so if you've used yours to death, now is the time to replace (or add more tools to your collection)

GHD IV Hair Straighteners
(Image credit: Amazon)

The GHD Original Styler is known universally as the giver of good hair. No matter your hair's length, texture or temperament, this queen of hair straighteners will train it into submission and transform even the most unruly of locks into smooth, shiny, movie-star-worthy styles. You can take our word for it: almost every single member of the Realhomes.com team has these babies. Even Colin.

If you're hoping to pick up a GHD Black Friday deal today, then head over to Amazon where you can save up to 26 per cent on a whole range of styling tools from the brand and, if you are a Prime member, you can get free delivery too. Not too shabby!

So whether you are looking for a hair dryer, curling wand or GHD's signature IV straightener, you are in luck – they're all in the sale. And this close to party season, can you really afford not to?

GHD IV Original Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners | Was £109, now £81 | Save 26% on Amazon

There is a reason these original IV straighteners haven't been replaced in the brand's product offering. Quite frankly, they are incredible. They glide over your hair making it super-smooth and shiny, and if you can get the knack, you can also use them to create waves and curls. A great all-rounder!View Deal

GHD Mini Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners | Was £119, now £94.99| Save 20% on Amazon

If you have short hair with a mind of its own, then the mini straightener is the styler for you. It has the same ceramic plates, but is thinner (just 12.7mm compared to the IV's 24mm) allowing you to easily straighten hair that is just a touch too short for the IV version.View Deal

GHD Max Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners | Was £149, now £109.99| Save 26% on Amazon

If you're hair is long and or thick, this wider straightener is going to be your new best friend. It'll cut the time it takes to achieve poker straight hair, or can give you loose waves if you can master the technique.View Deal

GHD Classic Curling Tong Professional Curler | Was £129, now £95.99| Save 26% on Amazon

No need for straighteners? This classic curling tong does exactly what it says on the tin. Smooth curls are at your fingertips!View Deal

GHD Curve Wand Creative Curl| Was £129, now £95.99| Save 26% on Amazon

With a tapered barrel, this curling wand can create loads of looks, from beachy waves to more structured curls. If you're not quite dextrous enough to use the metal arm of the curling tong, this wand is a great alternative.View Deal

GHD Classic Wave Wand| Was £129, now £95.99| Save 26% on Amazon

If waves are more your thing, this wave wand is perfection. It has a oval barrel as opposed to a round one which creates for of a bend and wave than a curl. Think Hollywood waves...View Deal

GHD Air Professional Hair Dryer | Was £99, now £78.99| Save 20% on Amazon

With a super-long (3m) cable, this hair dryer features ionic technology to keep frizz at bay and is ergonomically-designed to be easy to use for both right and left-handed people. It also has a cool shot button to seal your style in place.View Deal

GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush Styler | Was £139, now £118.15| Save 15% on Amazon

One of the brand's newest offering, the Glide hot brush is great for those in a rush who just want to smooth out their style. Use it on dry hair for a smooth and straight style that still has body and movement.View Deal