Marie Kondo's unusual stress relief techniques revealed

Marie Kondo's stress relief techniques might surprise you but, she says, they work for her, and are easy to adopt. Try them this weekend

Marie Kondo stress relief techniques
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You'd never believe that Marie Kondo needs stress relief techniques if you've admired her calm exterior on her Netflix Tidying Up series. But even the Queen of Clean admits to getting stressed, which, we have to admit, is somewhat reassuring. 

The truth is that stress is bad for our health, our relationships, and our work productivity, and finding stress relief techniques that actually work and are easy to incorporate into our daily lives can be a challenge. 

But Kondo's famously calm and down-to-earth approach to organizing and tidying the home has a lot to offer to those of us who can't seem to get through the day without getting anxious and wound up by everyday problems. 

So we were fascinated to happen upon Marie Kondo's top three stress busters in a blog post on increasing productivity. In the post, Kondo gives us some really simple and thoughtful tips on coping with the many stressful situations that arise in our daily routines. We've tried them, and they work. Why not give them a go this weekend when you find yourself getting stressed or anxious?

1. Write down what you're feeling anxious about

The first helpful tip (and one that has been advocated by many therapists) is to write down anxious feelings and try to give reasons for them. You're less likely to continue stressing about something if you try to explain it rationally. 

2. Recognise what you can't control

Next, Kondo suggests adopting a more philosophical approach to the things that inevitably don't go according to plan (in Kondo's case, her children waking up while she's working): 'Recognizing that something is out of my control helps me calm down'. 

My favorite writing partner. 🎀 Marie Kondo

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3. Wipe the floors

Finally, Kondo concludes, if nothing else helps, do some cleaning. Rather than thinking of it as a chore, consider cleaning as a way to physically banish unhelpful and restless thoughts. Kondo's favourite de-stressing technique that involves cleaning? It's wiping the floor. Yup. 'Keeping my hands busy helps my mind find stillness,' she explains. 

Wiping the floors might not work for you, but we'd like to bet that clearing out a cupboard, tidying up a drawer, even just making the hallway look neat will help you feel calmer. Namaste, as they say.

What effective stress relief techniques have you developed? Let us know on our social media channels. If, like Marie Kondo, you enjoy cleaning to combat stress, why not browse through some related articles at our cleaning hub?