Home workouts: try this one song workout every morning (and stay sane)

Struggling for home workout inspiration? Blogger Carly Rowena is keeping us motivated with her one song workouts

home workout idea
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Aside from walks or running, which may not be an option for all, home workouts are the best way to keep active during this period of social distancing. And not only will making an active effort to keep moving help your physical health, but it will work wonders for your mental health, too.

But, if you're struggling for motivation, or don't really know where to get started, this may seem like a slightly daunting prospect. However, we think we've found the solution...

Fitness and lifestyle blogger Carly Rowena, whose workout routines everyone at Real Homes loves, has come to the rescue with her daily one song workouts. What is a one song workout? We hear you ask. Well, it's exactly what it says on the tin, a workout lasting the duration of one song during which Carly talks you through a variety of movements designed to give you a good, full body workout. And all you'll need is a yoga mat.

The workouts take place at 7am every morning – though you can catch up later in the day if that's too early for you – over on Carly's Instagram. The day before, Carly sets up a poll that allows people to choose the song. And from there, all you have to do is get involved. It's free, easy to get involved, and a great way to stay motivated as you'll be working out along with thousands of others across the world. We've loved the workouts so far and can't wait to see what the next one holds.

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