Get 20% off the GHD Glide today – and tame that lockdown mane!

Had your eye on the GHD Glide for a while now? It's time – this hair tool is now just £110

GHD Glide with box on black background
(Image credit: GHD)

In the market for a new hair tool, perhaps the GHD Glide? If you're looking for something less intrusive to your hair's condition than a hair straightener, but still need to actually straighten your hair, the GHD Glide hot brush can help. It's mega easy to use, way kinder to your hair and it's on sale right now, at the GHD website, with a huge 20 per cent off! Wowza.

The GHD Glide can save you valuable sleeping time: it's so fast to use, just treat it like you would a hairbrush. Not only that, but frizz be gone thanks to this hot brush – its bristles heat to 185ºC so that a quick few strokes don't just straighten, but they tame the frizz from your hair, promoting natural movement and longevity of the style. The results are incredible.

Lockdown or not, the GHD Glide is worthy of the price tag. It'll soon become a statement hair tool and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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GHD Glide Hot Brush | Was £139, now £110 at GHD
With an auto-sleep mode that kicks in after 60 minutes, this hot brush is great for tired parents who aren't often treated to enough time to spend on their hair each day. It features a long 2.7-metre cable to reach to your mirror (not that you actually need to see what you're doing because the process is so easy). And, it works at an optimum styling temperature of 185ºC to keep that hair of yours looking healthy. Also, since it doesn't clamp your hair like a straightener does, it does less damage while working to give the same end result. Sold!View Deal

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