British homes need £24,000 worth of repairs

Poor home maintenance could put families at risk of accidents

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Homeowners are in danger of suffering accidents because the average British home needs a staggering £24,000 worth of repairs, new research has found.

Problems range from leaky taps to outdated plumbing, hazardous floors and faulty electrics, and more than half the people expressed concern about the 'potentially dangerous risk’ they run everyday in their own houses.

But many of the homeowners also confessed to not tackling these potential hazards because they kept ‘forgetting’ to have the work done, or they were ‘waiting for someone else in the house to fix it.’

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A survey carried out for discovered the average family homeowner in the UK felt they would need to spend £24,200 to get their home up to scratch and in ‘full working order’.  

Most were put off attempting to do the repairs because they felt they couldn’t afford it. However, almost 40 per cent said they simply kept forgetting to get the problems sorted. And 18 per cent admitted that they were leaving it to someone else to take care of it.

This is in spite of nearly 30 per cent claiming they'd ‘slipped, tripped or fallen’ on or over something in their home, while 24 per cent said they'd had something fall on them off shelves or furniture.

Most worryingly, 17 per cent said they’d received an electric shock in their home and seven per cent said they’d gone through the floorboards.

The survey revealed the main problems to be:

  • Dodgy plug sockets
  • Leaky or frozen taps
  • Broken windows
  • Faulty electrics
  • Outdated plumbing

Lisa Evans from said: ‘This is a really serious matter. Maintaining a home is a big responsibility and commitment. It can be very difficult to make ends meet when raising a family, but keeping a safe roof over your head has to be treated as a priority. Faulty wiring and dodgy plumbing can be life threatening, so it’s essential that British homes are maintained to a safe standard.’

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