Aldi Specialbuys: pick up baking essentials to keep you – and the kids – occupied

Spend a couple of pounds on these baking essentials from Aldi and enjoy hours of fun in return – the perfect 'at home' activity

Aldi specialbuy cookie cutters
(Image credit: Aldi)

Looking for easy ways to keep yourself – or your kids – occupied without having to leave the house? We think baking could be the answer. Not only will it take up a few hours, but you'll be left with some pretty tasty treats to enjoy at the end of it, too. Win, win.

The good news is that Aldi have released a range of baking essentials that can be ordered online (although some are selling out fast and you may have to pick one up in store when shopping)? From super affordable cake mixers, to baking trays, icing kits and measuring jugs, you'll find everything you need for a weekend of fun. 

Shop our top picks below. Then, discover more deals over on our hub page.

Grey Silk Matt Classic Food Mixer | £49.99
The best food mixer will completely transform your cooking experience, allowing you to whizz up cakes in next to no time. It's not often that we see mixers for this little, especially when they're so stylish.View Deal

Grey Round Enamel Bakeware | £7.99
You'll need some proper bakeware if you're planning on baking something special this weekend. This kit gives you two contemporary cake tins for just £7.99. Bake two cakes, or place one on top of the other for the ultimate sweet treat.View Deal

Kirkton House Icing Kit With Nozzles | £2.99
Decorate you sweet treats with the help of this icing kit. Simply load up with icing sugar, then top off with sweets, chocolate buttons and more.View Deal

12 Cup Muffin Tray | £6.99
A muffin tray will also come in handy if you're planning on doing some baking this weekend. Chocolate chip, blueberry or vanilla? The choice is yours...View Deal