A lifetime of commuting costs more than a lifetime of holidays – and other unbelievable cost of living facts...

A new online tool reveals surprising statistics of the cost of UK living over an average lifetime

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Living in the UK is expensive, but that won't surprise you. However, a new 'Your Lifetime Spending' online tool, developed by the home interiors specialist Hillarys, reveals interesting facts about just what it is we spend our money on in the course of a lifetime. 

Apparently (and the biggest surprise to us – and one that we're having trouble getting our heads, and calculators, around), rent or mortgage repayments come in second, at an average of £77,600, with transport, such as cars, trains and buses, coming top at a mind-bending £83,000. 

Also, and perhaps contrary to what you might expect, a lifetime of food shopping costs over twice as much as a lifetime of holidays (around £60,000 vs £28,000), while clothes and footwear a mere trifle in comparison to all that railway travel at £26,000. 

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillary's, comments, 'This tool really puts into perspective how expensive life can be. While based on average figures, some of the results are certainly shocking.'