5 reasons why Miele is the sustainable brand of choice

German brand Miele is one step ahead of the sustainability game.

Miele Appliances
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There’s no denying that any new appliance is an investment. And, now that reducing our environmental impact is at the forefront of our minds, we all want to ensure that we’re making the most sustainable choices when it comes to kitting out our homes too. Thankfully, German brand Miele is one step ahead of the sustainability game.

With a focus on streamlining your lifestyle, Miele products boast superior design as standard. They are also a breeze to use and more energy efficient, making them less costly to run – a great perk. With rigorous testing as standard for up to 20 years of daily use*, Miele is that premium brand that takes the longevity and sustainability of its products seriously.  

Whether it’s a washing machine, oven, dishwasher or fridge-freezer, choosing Miele will be one of the best choices you could make when you’re trying to reduce your impact on the planet, without compensating on the smooth running of your household.

Miele appliances

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Miele has strived to be the best brand since 1899, and it’s driven by innovation meaning that it never ceases to craft appliances that are a cut above the rest. Noted not just by us, Miele has rave 5-star reviews on TrustPilot and plenty of awards under its belt too. Boasting a series of Which? Best Buys titles and a QuietMark accreditation, Miele was even the first to be awarded Which? EcoBuy in laundry and dishwashing.  

Thankfully, it’s easy to get your hands on Miele’s sought-after products as one of its key retail partners is AO.com. With a catalogue full of appliances that boast some of the best features and energy ratings around, it’s the perfect time to invite Miele’s innovative and sustainable appliances into your home. Here are five reasons why Miele is a sustainable brand of choice, spotlighting on two of our favourite reputed products: The WSG663 Miele washing machine and the H2267BP oven.

1. Miele products are tested for 20 years’ of use*

Exceptional performance has always been at the heart of Miele products and both the WSG663 washing machine and sleek H2267BP oven are no exception. Going through rigorous testing, the washing machine in particular includes running the cottons 95C programme for five washes per week – the equivalent of 10,000 hrs plus – and opening and closing the door 60,000 times. So you can rest assured that both these products are designed to perform and built to last.

Plus, should you need to think about repairing your product, Miele actually keeps 90% of spare parts for up to 15yrs after the model production to keep older appliances running perfectly for longer.

2. Miele products boast new energy rating marks

Some of Miele products now boast energy efficient ‘A’ energy rating – that isn’t easily obtained – and the equivalent to A+++ under the old rating system, which is the most energy efficient rate you’ll find. You’ll find this with Miele’s WSG663 washing machine, which has received the Which? Best Buy and Which? Eco Buy awards.

Miele's H2267BP oven still boasts an A+ energy rating making it 10% more efficient than your average household product.

3. Miele appliances are built with the finest materials

All of Miele appliances are designed with expertise and built only from high-grade materials that are just as easily repaired as they are recycled.

Miele builds its own parts and forges its own iron, so you won’t find the same level of pristine design and quality elsewhere and you’re sure to feel proud having Miele appliances on display around the home. So, you can forget having to replace your dishwasher or washing machine every couple of years when you choose Miele.

Miele appliances

(Image credit: Miele)

4. Miele’s appliances work intuitively

You know we love our smart products, and it is these added features from Miele that can help streamline your day, and make for less wastage too. 

Take Miele’s WSG663 washing machine, the genius TwinDos system uses the exact amount of detergent needed for every wash, saving up to 30% detergent and meaning that you’ll never waste any. Teamed with the smart Load Recognition, this appliance will ensure that you never waste water or energy.

What’s more, this washer can work with Amazon Alexa and you can use the Miele@Mobile app to check your laundry’s progress when you’re on the move – making laundry day far more manageable.

5. Miele appliances are smart and seamless in design

Miele is obsessed with quality products that will stand the test of time which is why this brand has thought of everything when it comes to creating impressive appliances that will make a positive difference to your day.

When you think about switching on your washing machine, you’ll often think about the disruptive noise that comes with it. But there’s no need to work your Zoom calls around your loads of laundry as Miele’s WSG663 washing machine comes complete with a long-life motor that uses frictionless magnets for enhanced noise reduction. Enough for it to have received a QuietMark approval. 

What’s more, the honeycomb-patented drum protects your clothes, swaddling them in a fine film of water against its smooth surface to prevent snagging, so your favourite clothes will stay in just-new condition for longer – ridding the need to throw them away and buy replacements.

From streamlined laundry to cooking up a storm with ease, Miele’s H2267BP oven is designed to keep within 1ºC of your chosen temp at all times during cooking to ensure every meal – dare we say even your soufflés – will be a success.

This model can also reach 160ºC in less than 5 minutes, meaning there will be no waiting around to get dinner on the go. With a 76-litre capacity and five shelves, this oven was built for families and will be a household favourite appliance for years to come. 

This brilliant oven even comes complete with a smart pyrolytic cleaning function, meaning there’s no need for manual cleaning or toxic chemicals – both of which we prefer to avoid at all costs. Start it up, the door will lock and temperature will fire up to turn grease and food remnants to ash that you can wipe away after with ease.

Replacing a washing machine, oven or another large appliance won’t feel like a gamble when you shop with Miele at AO. This brand is an industry leader, for both the quality and sustainability of its products, making every purchase well worth the investment.

Shop both Miele’s oven H2267BP and the Miele’s innovative WSG663 washing machine at AO.com to invite the next generation of sustainable appliances into your home.

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with AO.com

When buying your new Miele appliances from AO, you’ll access plenty of perks too. Think fast delivery – with free delivery options available also – plus, easy installation and connection of your appliances too. AO will even be able to remove, recycle and disconnect your existing appliances if needed for a truly seamless shopping experience.

*Visit Miele online for more information.

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