Best energy comparison sites: save money on your energy bills

Get more bang for your buck with these best energy comparison sites – you're welcome!

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Changing energy provider? Use these best energy comparison sites for peace of mind you're not being overcharged for gas and electric usage. Currently, there are over 60 energy providers in operation in the UK, with prices differentiating by postcode – unlike broadband which offers a fixed price no matter where you are in the UK. Energy suppliers can charge £50 per month for a two-bedroom house in Liverpool but £70 per month for one in Brighton. This makes it hard to know whether you're getting the best offer.

Understandably, we'd all rather not overpay on any bill, so we're here to solve all your problems and instruct you on the best energy comparison sites to use when changing provider or choosing provider for the first time. From Compare the Market to uSwitch and Money Supermarket.

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The best energy comparison sites

Ranked in order of the best

When comparing the same property on all three websites – a two bedroom flat in London – we found that Money Supermarket gave us the cheapest quote, while Energy Helpline claimed to help us make the largest saving.

Ofgem accredited?

Ofgem, otherwise known as the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, is a government regulator for the electricity and gas markets in Great Britain. Certain energy comparison websites are Ofgem accredited – this means they've been vetted and found to comply with The Confidence Code – Ofgem's code of practice – to guarantee the quotes that are being given have been calculated in an unbiased manner.

Money Supermarket
Not to be confused with Compare the Market, Money Supermarket are Ofgem accredited, making them a slightly more attractive option. They can save you at least £248 on your energy bill while their website is extremely easy to navigate and they ask an average amount of questions to ensure you're getting an accurate quote. Trust Pilot reviewers have rated Money Supermarket 4.5 stars, and when asking for our energy quote, they gave us the cheapest priced option than the other websites below.

Energy Helpline
Though Energy Helpline may be a lesser-known energy comparison website, don't let that put you off: they're Ofgem accredited and can help you save up to £461 on your energy bill. Also, since energy is their only focus (hence the name), they compare quotes from lots of big and small providers, fast. We will note that their question process isn't as lengthy as other websites, suggesting they may not be giving you the most accurate quote. However, they're rated 4.5 stars out of five by reviewers from Trust Pilot – can't argue with that. Also, during our testing, they claimed to help us save the most amount of money over all other price comparison websites.

An easy and Ofgem accredited way to compare gas and electric deals in your area, USwitch can help you save up to £479 on your energy bill. They are possibly the most widely-used energy comparison website, mostly because their site is user-friendly and they offer exclusive deals. We'd say their question process quite average, and the one thing we're not keen on is that when giving quotes, it gives you prices per year, not the month. This can be confusing. Saying that, Trust Pilot rates them 4.5 stars by reviewers.

Compare the Market
This well-known price comparison website doesn't just help to compare energy deals but broadband, insurance, credit cards, and more. The site is incredibly easy to use, and if you buy something through them, you can benefit from several perks including two for one movies and meals. You can save up to £329 on your energy bill per year. Their question process ahead of giving you quotes is lengthy, which suggests they offer a more accurate price – they ask everything from what temperature you like your home from cool to cosy or hot, as well as how well insulated it is and what the main source of energy is for cooking. However, they're only rated three stars – which is still average – on Trust Pilot, and they're not Ofgem accredited.

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