There’s 20% off Panda’s Hybrid Bamboo Pillow this Black Friday: here’s why you’re going to love it

Snuggle into Black Friday with the Hybrid Bamboo Pillow

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There’s no denying that getting a good night's sleep has its advantages. After a blissful eight hours of slumber, you’re guaranteed to wake up feeling refreshed, free from aches and pains, and ready for just about anything life throws your way. It’s the ultimate dream. But as we all know too well, it’s rare to experience the pleasure of such high-quality sleep, every single night. One thing that can help, however, is investing in the best bedding you can afford.

Top-rated mattresses, duvets, and pillows can make all the difference, and if you can find a product that works with your unique sleeping style, you might just unlock the key to brilliant slumber. Panda’s Hyrbid Bamboo Pillow is a firm favourite when it comes to comfort. Sure to deliver sumptuous snooze time on every level, night after night, with 20 percent off for Black Friday 2022, there’s every reason to try it out for yourself.

The perfect sleep accompaniment and one that won’t cost the earth either,  Panda London has both the world-class comfort factor, and impressive eco-credentials, with sustainable bamboo bedding that perfectly blends science and nature. Giving other brands a lot to live up to, as if you didn't know already, bamboo has benefits that go way beyond its silky-soft feel… 

Panda Hybrid Pillow | Was £89.95

Panda Hybrid Pillow | Was £89.95, now £71.95

Don’t snooze 20% off the Panda Hybrid Bamboo pillow this Black Friday.

Everything you need to know about the Bamboo Hybrid Pillow 

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Bamboo Hybrid Pillow


Material : 100% bamboo
Firmness : Medium
Care : Wash cover at 40C on cool

Reasons to buy


Reasons to avoid

An investment (but SO worth it) 

The good stuff
Loved by many, the Panda Hybrid pillow features orthopedic grade, adaptive CharcoCell Foam™, which contours to your sleeping position. In other words, whether you’re a back, side, or front sleeper, you’re sure to drift off comfortably with substantial support. Sleep expert-approved, it works to align the neck and spine for unrivaled comfort and there’s no surprise that this pillow is award-winning…,.

Memory foam is known to retain heat, so is not usually recommended for everyone, especially hot sleepers, prone to overheating. However, this hybrid pillow has active 02 micro-pods that promote direct airflow for a cooling effect. This means you won’t wake up too hot and uncomfortable. Additionally, the quilted cover is made from bamboo, which is a naturally temperature-regulating material that reacts to body heat, helping to create a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Black Friday bedding deals 

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If you can enhance the quality of your sleep, and save some cash in the process, you’re winning. From the 11th of November through to 28th November, Cyber Monday, there will be plenty of offers on everything you need for great sleep, making it the perfect time to invest. Need a new mattress? How about a duvet for winter? Or is it time you upgraded your bed sheets? Panda is having a huge Black Friday Sale that’s worth shouting about, and with up to 30 percent off all of their best-selling products — keep a close eye out for your next big sleep investment. 

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