Best wine openers

Buy the best wine opener to open your favorite bottle with ease.

Best wine openers
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When it comes time to crack open a bottle of wine, the last thing you want to deal with is having to hunt down a corkscrew, or fight to get the cork out. A wine opener is considered a must-have gadget in plenty of homes because of how simple it makes the task! There are cordless electric options, as well as air and needle picks so finding the right tool for the job is crucial. You'll want one that is easy to use, and doesn't require much mucking about, and find one that includes a foil cutter so you have everything you need to get pouring!

Best overall

Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener

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Uncle Viner electric wine opener

This opener can de-cork your vino in just 7 seconds

This wine opener is easy to use, cordless, rechargeable, it comes with a range of accessories included and it's affordable.


  • Includes foil cutter, pourer, and stopper
  • Works on rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Batteries included
  • Looks great
  • 1 year warranty


  • No charging base

Ready to get that wine open and pouring this holiday? The Uncle Viner electric wine opener can open a bottle in just seven seconds, and all it takes is a few button presses. This cordless option takes four AA batteries and can be recharged easily. Each charge will get you through up to 80 bottles of wine. The Uncle Viner also includes a foil cutter, pourer, and stopper, giving everything you need all in one place! 

Best corkscrew

IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew

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IPOW WS01 wing corkscrew

This strong wine opener has an anti-slip handle

This wine opener is reliable, it can open beer bottles, too, and it doesn't require charging.


  • Opens bottles, too
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Strong
  • 2 color options
  • Easy to store


  • Basic
  • Harder to use than electric models

The IPOW WS01 wing corkscrew is the best corkscrew bottle opener you can buy. It works just like any other corkscrew, only it benefits from being high quality. This wine opener is made from premium zinc alloy for durability purposes and due to its nature, it can open beer, olive oil, and vinegar bottles, too. It also comes in two different colors and it can be stored in a drawer with ease.

Boasting an ergonomic, anti-slip handle, this makes opening wine a more comfortable and easy process. Less pressure is required to pull out the cork thanks to its hard sharp zinc alloy screws, too. Also, since it's not electric, you don't have to worry about charging it.

Best luxury

BFULL Electric Wine Opener

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BFULL electric wine opener

A great buy that comes with a pourer and a stopper

One for frequent wine drinkers, this battery-operated wine opener can open up to 80 bottles before it needs recharging.


  • Includes foil cutter, stopper, and pourer
  • Works on batteries so no need to recharge
  • Open up to 80 bottles


  • No batteries included

The BFULL electric wine opener is our pick of the best luxury option. It's made of high-quality aluminum alloy so it is both sturdy and durable. It also looks the part thanks to its silver metal finish. This wine opener has a blue LED light that lights up when it's in use.

This wine opener is electric and requires four AA batteries to work. It's also lightweight and comes with no cord for charging for less faff. It can open up to 80 wine bottles – red, white, rosé, champagne, and more. In the box comes a vacuum stopper to preserve your wine, a wine pourer to aerate it, and a foil cutter, too. Everything you need.

Best budget

Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener

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Wine Ziz wine air pressure pump bottle opener

This opener uses air to open your favorite bottle

This wine opener is easy to use, even easier to store and it's super affordable.


  • Comes with foil cutter
  • No charging necessary
  • Small so easy to store


  • Not the best looking

The Wine Ziz wine air pressure pump bottle opener is a great budget-friendly option. This wine opener works using air. Insert the needle slowly into the cork, aerate the pump a few times and the cork will slide out. Easy. Due to its nature, it's also small so easy to store and lightweight so it can fit in your handbag. 

It's compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles while it requires no electricity or gas. With this wine opener comes a foil cutter to be used beforehand. It's also a bargain.

The best looking

EZBASICS Electric Wine Opener Set

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EZBASICS electric wine opener set

An easy to store and display electric wine opener

This wine opener looks the part and plays the part. It comes with a foil cutter included.


  • Comes with foil cutter
  • Easy to store - comes with charging base
  • Easy to use - one touch operation
  • 12-Month limited Warranty


  • Only one color choice

The EZBASICS electric wine opener set is the best looking wine opener you can buy – it's sleek looking and easy to use. It can remove a cork with the touch of one button and in just a few seconds. Pop it on top of the bottle and watch through its transparent shell as it removes the cork. It has a durable stainless steel housing for durability purposes.

Benefiting from a cordless operation, this wine opener can open 40 bottles once fully charged. And, the charging process is easy – a blue LED light indicates when the wine opener is charging and stops once it's fully charged. It can be charged on the sleek looking rechargeable base that comes in the box. Also in the box comes a foil cutter to make life easier. 

Bottom line 

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The best wine opener you can buy is the Uncle Viner electric wine opener. If you're after a corkscrew wine opener, opt for the IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew. A great luxury option is the BFULL Electric Wine Opener, while the Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener is the best pick if you're on a budget. The best-looking wine opener is, without a doubt, the EZBASICS Electric Wine Opener Set.

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