Best curling wand 2020: 8 top hair curlers and curling tongs

These are the best curling wands, curling tongs and hair curlers, tried and tested by us...

best curling wand: Babyliss curling wand in use
(Image credit: Babyliss)

Looking to invest in the best curling wand? This hair tool can turn your locks from drab to fab in minutes. It's the only way to give naturally straight hair a new lease of life and to add a little more volume. And, if you're blessed with natural curls, you can always use this hair tool to help define them, or to liven up slept on curls. 

The good news is that we've tried and tested a range of curling wands, curling tongs and hair curlers so that you can buy the best model for your hair type and the hair you desire – beachy waves, tight curls and whatever else you've tried – and failed – to conquer over the years (we've all been there). So, if you're looking for a decent recommendation, keep scrolling for eight of the best curling wands from Dyson to Remington, T3, BaByliss and more.

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The best curling wands + tongs to buy right now

Best curling wand: T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand

(Image credit: T3)

1. T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand

The best curling wand you can buy: this interchangeable curling wand ticks all our boxes

Colour: White/Rose Gold
Heat up time: N/A
Barrel size: 19mm - 38mm
Cord length: 2.7m
Temperature: 210º C max
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: 5
Reasons to buy
+3-in-1+5 heat settings+Affordable+7 different barrels available+Easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Only comes in one colour
Curling wand or curling tong: what's the difference?

Simply enough, a curling tong features a clip to hold hair in place, whereas a curling wand doesn't – you'll need to hold the ends of your hair with your fingers. In this guide we've featured a great mix of both curling wands and tongs.

The T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand is rated our best curling wand you can buy, and for good reason. This hair tool is interchangeable, all you need is the base and from there you can buy up to seven barrels. Three barrels come included in the Whirl Trio. It's easy to use, much more affordable than other options and it offers endless styling opportunities from one hair tool. Less to store, more to do.

This set, the T3 Whirl Trio, comes complete with three heads – a 25mm for undone waves; a 19mm - 32mm barrel for tousled waves and a 38mm option for loose waves. Something for everyone. All barrels have a custom blend ceramic seal for a smooth and shiny finish, too. There are four more barrels available to purchase.

Heat settings
Featuring five different heat settings, this curling wand is great for all types of hair whether you consider your locks damaged, untameable or curly. The maximum temperature is 210ºC.

Fed up of curling your hair and having to re-do the ends again? Thanks to the Digital T3 SinglePass technology built-in this styler, you can say goodbye to hard-to-work- with ends. This hair tool boasts consistent heat for one-pass styling – your roots and ends will both get the same treatment! And, for safety purposes, after one hour of inactivity, the T3 Whirl Trio will turn itself off.

Included in the box
Along with the convertible base, in the box comes three different size barrels, a storage tote and a heat-resistant glove.

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Best luxury curling wand: Dyson AirWrap Styler Volume + Shape

(Image credit: Dyson)

2. Dyson AirWrap Styler Volume + Shape

Best luxury curling wand: a fantastic all-in-one design that uses air to attract and wrap your hair

Colour: Nickel and fuchsia
Heat up time: N/A
Barrel size: 30mm
Cord length: 2.62m
Temperature: 150°C
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: 3 speed, 4 heat
Reasons to buy
+Powerful dryer+Easy to use+Intelligent heat control+Creates impressive volume and curls+Makes hair fuller and more shiny+Works without awkward winding mechanisms
Reasons to avoid
-Mega price tag-Some say it takes a while to get used to it

Good old Dyson does it again with their AirWrap Styler. It may blow the budget, which explains why it's rated our best luxury curling wand, but most buyers rave about how easy it is to use and how effective it is in creating their perfect style. It comes with two 30mm Airwrap barrels, a soft smoothing brush, round volumising brush, pre-styling dryer, filter cleaning brush, non-slip mat and storage case so you can take it away on overnight stays and holidays. If money were no object, this would be our top rated curling wand...

Dyson digital motor
The V9 motor spins at up to 110,000rpm so the Coanda effect attracts hair to the barrel then wraps it for you. No need for awkward clamping, gloves to protect hands from heat or any winding movements that can be tricky to master.

Styles and dries
With this design the Dyson Airwrap combines powerful airflow with controlled heat, so you can dry and style your hair at the same time! It works on towel dried damp hair and doesn’t use harsh heat, so your hair won’t suffer any damage.

Multi function
Use this model to create voluminous curls and waves or go for a smooth blow-dry finish – the choice is yours.

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Best curling wand for beach waves: GHD Curve classic wave wand

(Image credit: GHD)

3. GHD Curve classic wave wand

Best curling wand for beach waves: this GHD curling wand is truly the best at creating cool waves

Colour: Black
Heat up time: 25 seconds
Barrel size: 38mm - 26mm
Cord length: 3m
Temperature: 185°C
Temperature control?: No
Settings: 1
Reasons to buy
+Cool tip+Safety stand+Auto shut off after 30 mins+Heats up in 25 seconds
Reasons to avoid

The GHD Curve classic wave wand heats up in just 25 seconds for beachy waves in an instant. Although more expensive than several others on our list, GHD are known to create products that last years and years.

Oval design
Unlike other curling wands, the GHD Curve classic wave wand has an 38mm to 26mm oval shaped barrel to create long-lasting waves. Making both tight and loose waves has never been quicker – five to eight seconds is all that's required to spend on each small section of hair.

There are three safety features on the GHD Curve classic wave wand, making it very high up on our to-buy list: they feature a cool tip for easy holding; the curling wand features a safety stand built-in so it won't to burn your table top or floor; lastly, the styler features a 30 minute auto shut off.

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Best curling wand for short hair: BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Curling Tong

(Image credit: BaByliss)

4. BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Curling Tong

Best curling tong for short hair: struggle to keep short hair in place while curling? This styler can fix all your problems

Colour: Black
Heat up time: 15 seconds
Barrel size: 25mm or 32mm
Cord length: 2.7m
Temperature: 210°C max
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: 11
Reasons to buy
+Auto shut off+Several temperature settings+Quick heat up+Affordable+Comes in two sizes+Holds hair in place
Reasons to avoid
-None. We like.

This Babyliss Curling wand is a great option for those with short hair: it features a clip to hold hard-to-manage hair in place, which means you'll never burn your fingers again (in theory). What's more? The tong heats up in just 15 seconds and it comes in two different sizes: 25mm and 33mm – whether you want large or small waves, there's something for everyone. 

The BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Curling Tong features a whopping 11 temperature settings up to 210°C. No matter if you've fine and damaged hair or healthy, thick locks, you can set the temperature to suit you. 

Safety features
As well as having a cool tip, this curling tong features a clip to hold your hair in place so you don't have to do so yourself. It also has an auto-shut off mode for those times when you forget to flick the off switch.

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Best curling wand for long hair: Beauty Works Professional Styler

(Image credit: Beauty Works)

5. Beauty Works Professional Styler

Best curling wand for long hair: an extra long barrel for extra long hair

Colour: White
Heat up time: 60 seconds
Barrel size:
Cord length:
Temperature: 80-220°C
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: N/A
Reasons to buy
+Complete with a heat-resistant carry case and protective glove
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

Trying to work with long hair or extensions? The Beauty Works Professional Styler is our best curling wand for long hair: it features an extra-long barrel so an entire section of hair can be styled in one fair sweep. Rapunzel's dream come true.

This curling wand features a ceramic-coated barrel to help seal your hair's cuticle, prevent frizz and enhance shine. This way the ends of your hair will feel the same effect as the tops do. Hollywood-inspired waves and soft touchable curls are calling your name. Oh, and if you have slightly damaged hair or want to use the styler at a lower temperature, you can do so from 80-220°C.

Yep, this curling wand features an 18.5cm long barrel for the longest of locks around. This way you won't have to do each section of hair twice – once at the top and another down the bottom – and you'll be left with an even curl. Finally!

In the box
Since this styler is a wand and not a tong, you'll need to use a glove while using to prevent burning your fingers. Luckily enough, this one comes with both a heat-resistant carry case for your travels and a protective glove included in the box.

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Best curling wand for beginners: BaByliss PRO Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Tong

(Image credit: BaByliss)

6. BaByliss PRO Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Tong

Best curling wand for beginners: with 25 settings, this curling tong is super easy to use

Colour: Black
Barrel size: 12-32mm
Cord length: 2.7m
Temperature: 100°C - 210°C
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: 25
Reasons to buy
+Heat-ready indicator+Integrated safety stand+25 heat settings+70 minutes auto-shutoff time
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer a wand-Barrel is all one size

Safe, stylish and easy to use, the BaByliss PRO Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Tong is the best curling wand for beginners, in our opinion. 

Heat settings
This curling tong features a whopping 25 heat settings so that no matter your hair type, there's a mode to suit you. The heat settings available range from 100°C - 210°C.

Safety features
Buying this curling tong for someone young? Great idea: it features a heat-ready indicator to prevent touching, as well as an integrated safety stand so it can be placed on any surface. There's also an auto-shutoff function built-in so that if the curling tong is left on for longer than 70 minutes, it will turn off.

Depending on the length of your hair and the curl size you desire, this curling tong comes in four different barrel sizes: 13mm, 24mm, 32mm and 38mm. 

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Best curling wand for fine hair: Remington CI606 Curl Revolution Automatic Curling Wand

(Image credit: Remington)

7. Remington CI606 Curl Revolution Automatic Curling Wand

Best curling wand for fine hair: with five temperature settings, this model heats up in just 15 seconds

Colour: Pink
Heat up time: 15 seconds
Barrel size: 25mm - 38 mm
Cord length: 2.4m
Temperature: 230°C max
Temperature control?: Yes
Settings: 5
Reasons to buy
+Super-fast heat-up+Good choice of temperatures to suit all hair types+Automatic shut-off+Gives lasting curls without too much effort+Prevents frizz and sorts out flyaway hair+Prevents hair damage thanks to variable heat settings
Reasons to avoid
-Only comes in one colour

This no-frills curling wand from Remington is pretty basic but if you just want something that does a good job of curling, then this is the one for you. Buyers say their curls last a long time without having to spend hours at the mirror while those who complain of frizzy locks also rate it for taming their unruly style.

Lasting curls
If you need something that will take you from morning to evening without having to fuss around with your hair in the work loos after hours, this curling wand is perfect as curls are said to last all day long. It’s also easy to use as you won’t need to wrap your hair around the wand – just place hair through the barrel, press the switch and the wand automatically rotates itself.

Variable temperatures
Heating up in just 15 seconds, this one’s a speedy little number and with five heat options, it’s ideal for all hair types including fine, flyaway and frizzy.

Heat protection
Thanks to a four-layer protective coating on the curling wand, your hair is protected from heat damage while the anti-static barrel deals with frizz and fly-away locks.

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Best cordless curling wand: Babyliss BAB2585U Gas Curling Tong & Brush

(Image credit: Babyliss)

8. Babyliss BAB2585U Gas Curling Tong & Brush

Best cordless curling wand: a cordless curling wand ideal for holidays and travelling

Colour: Black
Heat up time: N/A
Barrel size: 28mm
Cord length: N/A
Temperature: 190ºC
Temperature control?: No
Settings: 1
Reasons to buy
+A well priced model+Cordless design makes it ideal for popping in a bag for work or travel+Lightweight and easy to use+Does the basics well+Allows you to curl and style hair on the go+Adds volume as well as curls
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing fancy feature-wise-Only one temperature setting

Great for camping, holidays or even taking to work, this Babyliss gas curling tong and brush has a maximum temperature of 190ºC so it’s kind to your hair without compromising on performance. It doesn’t need cables or wires to function and is ceramic coated for an even distribution of heat. It also comes with a brush sleeve for root volume and adding shape.

Ceramic coating
The brush barrel is ceramic coated, which is said to enhance shine and protect your hair from heat damage.

Fast heat-up
Reach the maximum temperature of 200ºC in just 72 seconds, ideal if you’re in a hurry.

Release button
A handy curl release button stops hair becoming tangled up in the brush.

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How to buy the best curling wand

Wand material
Choosing the perfect curling wand can be daunting as there are so many models to choose from. Some decisions will be based on your hair type and length and if in doubt, you can always ask your hair stylist to recommend some brands or designs for you. Ceramic coated barrels are the most popular as they heat up quickly and conduct heat evenly, creating curls that should last from one wash to the next. Tourmaline on the other hand is made from tourmaline mineral and this emits negative ions that are said to help deal with frizzy locks and fine, flyaway hair. Titanium is often used by the professionals as it’s lightweight and reaches higher temperatures.

Barrel size
Curling wands and brushes come in a variety of different barrel sizes so choose the one that best suits your hair type, texture and length. A small barrel is best for short or fine hair and ideal for creating tight curls and adding definition. Medium barrels are great for all-round use and work on most hairstyles. Longer barrels are easier to work with on long hair as well as creating loose waves and a bouncy, beachy look.

Heat settings
Heat is used to hold curls so you do need a high heat setting but you also don’t want to damage your hair with overheating, so make sure you use a lower setting if your hair is already damaged or if it’s thin and flyaway. Always apply a heat protector spray before you use the curling wand, for best results.

What is the best curling wand to buy?

The T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand is, by far, our best curling wand you can buy. This 3-in-1 interchangeable wand has five different heat settings, it can be used with seven different barrels and it's affordable.

If money were no object, the Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume + Shape is definitely worth checking out. It may be high priced but it’s a great investment as the results are fantastic.

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