12 autumn wreaths to get you in the spirit of the season

Greet your guests in style this September and October

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Autumn is knocking at your door, and in our eyes there's no better way to mark the start of this season than with an autumn wreath. Forget pumpkin spiced lattes, puffer jackets and cinnamon scented candles (for now) because this is how you can dress your space for autumn with total ease. Hang an autumnal wreath and welcome the season in style. In fact, autumn wreaths are one of the biggest autumn interiors trends, and Real Homes' Style Editor Anna Morley can confirm why: 

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Anna Morley

"A beautiful wreath is not only a stylish decor piece in its own right, but also an easy way to pretty up the home, celebrate a new season and... depending where you place it, provide a warm welcome too.  

Dried flowers and grasses look great for an on-trend look, go faux for longevity, or try fresh and natural foliage for a touch of nature's best. You could even try mixing and matching by using a shop bought version then personalise by adding fresh, seasonal additions to create your own unique look. 

Although wreaths are a fabulous addition to a front door, don't limit yourself. Used inside they can make an elegant centerpiece, be used as a piece of art or hung horizontally they can be suspended over a table for a cool hanging display." 

The wreath roundup below features artificial and faux flower wreaths, light-up types and even real DIY wreaths you can make at home. Whether you have a large door to adorn or a small indoor area to decorate, we've chosen a range of wreaths to suit all spaces just below. Get yours now to avoid the best ones selling out. 

And since new research from luxury bed linen retailer Secret Linen Store has revealed that the 17th of August is the day of the year that we can officially start decorating our home for autumn, you might want to browse more autumn decor ideas for more inspiration.

Our favourite autumn wreaths to buy for 2022

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What is an autumn wreath?

Just like a traditional Christmas wreath (think of that picture-perfect winter front door where a beautifully styled wreath hangs in the centre), an autumn  wreath is a great décor piece for your home. Just swap out the frosted green leaves and holly berries for maple leaves and acorns.

When should I hang an autumn wreath?

Simply put, now. The hot weather is coming to end and we're welcome the signs of September. So why not hang an autumn wreath to mark the occasion. Whether you're swapping out your summer decor or eager to show your love for all things pumpkin-spiced, we'd suggest hanging your autumn decor from as early as late August, through to September and October.

How do I hang a wreath?

Most wreaths will come with a ribbon or attachment that'll slot onto a hook, and those that don't you can easily wrap a piece of string around yourself. The difficulty with putting one up comes if you're a renter or would rather avoid making a whole in your wall, door or mantle. 

Luckily, command strips can come to the rescue. Just as they work well for hanging pictures or posters, command offer some sticky-back hooks to temporarily hold your wreath without risk to the wall. If you're wanting to hang your wreath on your door, Amazon also have some handy wreath hangers designed especially to hook over the top of your door. 

How we chose these autumn wreaths 

There's no denying there are more than plenty of pretty autumn wreaths on the market. Whether you're browsing Anthropologie or looking to pick up a DIY kit to craft your own from Etsy, that is. That's why we've taken the time to find ones at a good price that might last you longer than just this year - for the artificial wreaths only, mind. Otherwise, the natural wreaths have to have rich colour and a beautiful arrangement that beats the one you could have made yourself.

We chose these autumn wreaths based on looks mostly, and also online reviews (when applicable), whilst bearing in mind each wreath's size, price and its construction as a good quality artificial wreath should last for years of use.

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