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More often than not, radiators tend to be described as either vertical or horizontal radiators. If you’re not aware or a bit confused as to what that describes then, a radiator that falls in the ‘vertical’ category is basically taller than it is wide, while a ‘horizontal’ one is wider than it is tall.

And that means one vertical radiator can look quite different to another; it could well be wall-mounted or (effectively) free-standing; it could well feature columns or flat-panels; it could well be made of flexible, modern stainless steel or of old-fashioned, classic cast-iron and it could well sport an anthracite, black, white, charcoal, silver/ chrome or RAL-based colour finish. So, as you may have gathered from the diversity there is among vertical radiators – especially among the many and various models available through Designer Radiators Direct – they’re a particularly popular type of radiator with homeowners.

Frankly, though, that’s no surprise; as there are many benefits to having a new, stylish and dependable, high-quality vertical radiator installed in a room. To start with, owing to their shape (often slim and tall), vertical radiators can prove to be the perfect home heating solution in rooms that lack a great deal of wall space; perhaps a bathroom, a kitchen or a hallway, for example.

Plus, vertical radiators go especially well with furniture; in that their slim fit means the likelihood of an armchair or a settee blocking the heat generated is reduced when it’s a vertical model that’s been installed. As it’ll take up less wall space than, say, a horizontal radiator, it makes it easier to position furniture in a room to achieve optimum airflow and make maximum use of the radiator’s BTU output.

Speaking of which, you shouldn’t go away with the idea that, just because vertical radiators tend to be slimmer than other types (again, compared to horizontal radiators, for instance), their heat output is any less. Well-designed and great-looking vertical radiators nowadays contain all the latest innovations in home heating technology, so are as capable of delivering exactly the heat output you’ll need for any room in your house – so long as you choose the correct model for that particular room.

And some of them from among the range at Designer Radiators Direct are available at trade prices, with guarantees of up to 20 years and via next-day delivery – you can’t say fairer than that!

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