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Nomo Patio Roof

The Nomo retractable patio awning is unlike your traditional garden awning, when the retractable awning is closed it creates a watertight patio roof that offers protection from rain, wind and snow. During wet weather conditions, the water is channelled along and down the aluminium structure to neatly drain the water away. When the awning is open you are provided with a completely open patio structure allowing the sun to shine through and flood your garden and patio space with natural light.

Vertical weather protection screens can also be integrated into the slim aluminium structure to offer added protection from the elements. Vertical screens are also retractable to offer versatility to meet the requirements of the changing weather conditions.

The Nomo structure can be offered in a wide selection of configurations to meet the design requirements. As there isn’t a maximum number of roof fields, you can add as many roof structures together with slim connecting profiles to create expansive areas of protected garden and patio space – this can be ideal for vast seating or entertainment spaces for both commercial and residential properties. To provide a bespoke design, the aluminium framing can be coated in any RAL colour desired and LED spot lights and strip lights can also be integrated into the to patio roof.

If you are not looking to integrate any additional weather protection into your patio roof system, either now or in the future, IQ Outdoor Living offer an alternative patio roof structure called the Rialto. As the vertical legs of the structure are not required to hold and store the vertical side screens, the structure can be manufactured with a more minimalistic design – thus providing a slightly slimmer aluminium profile. The thinner structure does not affect the level of weather protection offered by the retractable awning roof, nor does it compromise on design.

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