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Our homes are only complete once the right furniture is placed in them and with our mix of eclectic designs it's a great way to get you started. Whether you're looking for a small accent piece such as a quirky coffee table, a statement armchair or an entire collection of furniture, Rose and Grey pride themselves on bringing you a range of stunning and diverse choices.

You can shop for items to suit every room of the house and transform your home! From quality leather sofas and armchairs to chests of drawers, side tables and coffee tables or bookshelves and cabinets, tables and chairs to vintage leather furniture, as well as industrial furniture. Rose and Grey always look for a wide choice of finishes from cool metal to warm wood, such as oak, mango or even reclaimed timber. Their seating upholstery ranges from perfectly aged and characterful vintage leather to sublime, genuine Harris Tweed fabric and luxurious velvets.

Choosing furniture is a big decision, as we all want it to last and for the style to remain right on-trend. There's a lot to consider, but Rose and Grey can help advise you so that you know your choice is the right one for you and your home.

With all these key factors in mind Rose and Grey ensure that all their furniture is of the highest quality, that it caters for all style needs, whether they are contemporary & modern, retro & vintage or industrial - and that functionally it works for all living requirements. Make an impact and get it right; they're confident that our designs will make all the difference, ensuring your home is a place you'll love and feel unbelievably comfortable in!

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