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Cre8a pod has a range of stylish and modern garden room designs which can be used as accommodation units, granny annexes, business premises and garden rooms. Designed and handcrafted to suit your requirements and reflect your personal taste. Cre8a pod can be used for many reasons and for all the seasons with their high-quality duromer high-pressure laminate cladding. Cre8a cladding is dependable and distinctive which offers extremely effective weather protection.

If you can sketch the design of your garden room then Cre8a can probably make it. Cre8a pod has a range of designs which they manufacture in house but can also accommodate to bespoke designs so the client are getting exactly what they want. Your vision, is their creation. However if you are unsure how to design your garden room, the Cre8a design team are happy to help. Cre8a will listen to what ideas you have thought about, what you like and don’t like and then will design a 3D visualisation for you to view.

Cre8a original design “The Lodge” was created to compete with what the competition offers. Since then Cre8a has adapted their designs and are creating a portfolio of stylish and modern rooms for their clients to indulge in.

All of Cre8a designs can come in any colour, shape or size as they make the garden room specific to their client’s needs. Cre8a are proud of the difference you get with their great cladding which really brings to life a traditional build and design, making it your modern masterpiece.

Cre8a garden rooms includes integral electrics, infrared panel heating, external and internal cladding, two windows and a patio or double-door. You can choose to upgrade your garden room by adding a bi-folding door or decking and balustrade. Choose to have one room or to have a divider to create another room or a bathroom pod.

Cre8a creates your vision; you choose where to have the windows, doors, which external and internal cladding, the solid wood flooring and where to place the electrics. Cre8a knows you are investing a lot into your garden room so they want it to look the best it can be. That is why Cre8a has only settled for the best. Cre8a cladding makes it a quality garden room to look modern and luxurious for 10 years! Cre8a cladding has the aesthetical look without the rotting, needing treatment or catching fire.


What makes Cre8a Garden Rooms different?

Garden Rooms are highly insulated; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our roof system.

No plastering or painting which means no cracks or waiting for it to dry.

Low maintenance

Natural Looking

Wide range of colours

Infrared panel heater

Planning permission may not be required

External and internal cladding

No exterior woodwork to rot or to be treated

Solid wood flooring

100% recyclable materials

10 year build guarantee

Fully insulated to current building regulations (opens in new tab)

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