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Cre8a can offer cladding for internal and external exteriors. Cre8a cladding can be used on garden rooms, the exterior of buildings or as an internal wall feature. Cre8a Cladding is high-quality that are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL). Produced in laminate presses under high pressure at high temperature. It is dependable and distinctive which offers extremely effective weather protection. It has a unique rain screen façade which features a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin which creates a powerful weather protective coating.

Cre8a cladding is used on Cre8a’s garden rooms, a Fundermax exterior cladding, which is very decorative, colourful and an expressive range of wood finishes, stone, patinas or just wonderful colours of your choice. With over 244 cladding colours to choose from you can add your personal touch to your garden room.  Cre8a cladding can be used as a wall feature inside the building. The range of cladding can complements different colours and give a great modern twist.

You can choose the modulo fixing which is a modern façade fastening system used to prefabricated standard elements with invisible mechanical brackets to create a clean look. Or scaleo which is Lap sidings, it is an easy to design robust and modern façades. There are many design possibilities; you choose the length of cut and the style you would like your cladding to look.

Cre8a cladding is extremely hard-wearing, solvent and scratch resistant. Consistent protection and uncompromising strength. Very easy to fit and low maintenance. Cre8a cladding looks like the real thing because it is a digital photo finish printed onto the cladding to give excellent detail. Also, extremely effective weather protection. Cre8a cladding has a 10 year guarantee.

Cre8a cladding system can be designed for different energy requirements with an individually calculated insulation such as desired thickness can be used. This means insulation values can easily be achieved that are typical of low-energy houses and comply with the current energy saving regulations. This means the minimization of C02 emissions are achieved. The measurable reduction in energy required for heating minimizes the cardon dioxide emissions which is one of the greatest causes of environmental pollution.

Cre8a cladding decreases the vapor diffusion resistance from the interior to the exterior of the building. Depending on the thickness of the insulation layer, measurement of the panels and proportion of open joints, noise protection can be increased by up to 14 dB. Cre8a cladding panels are Duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) manufactured in accordance with EN 438-6 Type EDF. The core is flame-retardant and passes European Fire Test EN 13501-1, with a rating of B-s2,d0. The cladding boards have also been independently fire tested by the well regarded Warrington Fire Research Centre, tested to BS 476: Part6: 1989.


The benefits of Cre8a cladding:

Weather resistant to EN ISO 4892-2
Lightfast acc. to EN ISO 4892-3
Double hardened
Scratch resistant
Solvent resistant
Hail resistant
Easy to clean
Impact resistant EN ISO 178
Suitable for all exterior applications
Bending resistant EN ISO 178
Frost resistant -80°C to 180°C
Heat resistant -80°C to 180°C
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