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In recent years interior designers have reported a move towards ‘broken plan’ living, noting a desire for more private, partitioned areas in our homes and the illusion of rooms within rooms, while simultaneously creating a feeling of openness.

Whether you are trying to separate a study space from a living area or a dressing room from a bedroom, steel window screens are the perfect solution. Not only will an internal metal screen add character and a contemporary edge to your home, it will also create the illusion of extra light and space.

Internal metal and glass screens and doors will draw natural daylight into a partitioned space, brightening up previously dark areas and making otherwise unseen corners visible, while the acoustic features of the glass will mean that the all important element of privacy is retained.

Clement manufacture a beautiful selection of bespoke internal steel doors and screens which can be used as stylish focal points in your home. Due to its inherent strength and remarkable flexibility, steel is the ideal material for an internal screen because it will last for a long time and can be moulded into any design. The industrial aesthetic of a material like steel gives a nod to the current trend for loft-style living, but the slim frames that are possible with steel bring this feature up to date for the 21st century.

Internal steel screens are generally made from W20 sections. Available in various styles and colours and with multi point locking or a traditional mortice lock, Clement’s steel doors and frames can be matched to your windows or can be used on their own to create a unique look.

All Clement internal screens come with safety glass so you can rest assured that they will meet the requirements of current building regulations. If you require fire rated internal steel partitions, please consult one of their sales advisors to discuss the options available.

You can view our steel door and screen case studies HERE (opens in new tab)

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