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The humble central heating-powered radiator can get a bit overlooked when it comes to interior design – after all, this most functional home heating solution is far from the most exciting aspect of a home renovation. Designer Radiators Direct simply don’t agree with that sentiment. And that’s because they believe – in fact, they know – that their extensive range of central heating radiators features the highest-quality, most stylish and finest looking designer radiators you’ll find anywhere.

Their radiator units then aren’t just much-needed heating sources to keep you and yours warm during the coldest months of the year (although, don’t doubt it, they’re outstanding at doing that, for sure), they also – between them – offer sleek, bold, sophisticated, modernist and vintage-style home décor features that’ll enhance any room in any home. And, possibly best of all, they always make sure their central heating radiators are available to every customer at sensible, affordable prices, come with excellent long-term guarantees and, in many cases, offer next-day delivery to ensure your stylish, new home heating device is with you as soon as possible!

Drawn from across the best brands operating today – including Aeon, Aestus, Ultraheat and Vogue – and featuring their very best models, Designer Radiator Direct’s selection may present customers with a great deal of choice when it comes to design, look and style (horizontal and vertical; column, low-level and flat-panel; mirrored, bench-based and towel rail), but it also offers the highest calibre of heating reliability thanks to their radiators featuring the most advanced, R&D-driven technology and innovations. And that means for homeowners not just terrific BTU output, but also outstanding cost-efficiency to keep their energy bills down.

For instance, many modern central heating radiators – irrespective of their appearance – tend to feature a good deal more surface area than their older counterpart models. Specifically, this is in terms of the fins – the part of the radiator that, when they get hot, are responsible for transferring the heat to the ambient air – thus, the more fins and the greater their surface area (and reduced internal volume) results in better heat output and less wasted energy. Indeed, it’s been estimated that many of the radiators manufactured today are half as efficient again as those available before the turn of the millennium.

Surely then, the message is clear – join the 21st Century by taking a look at and considering the central heating radiators offered by Designer Radiators Direct!

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