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When it comes to your bathroom, it is worth investing wisely in order to create a breathtaking room that is a pleasure for all the senses. At The Cast Iron Bath Company, we understand how to help you achieve this goal. A roll top bath is a great centrepiece for your bathroom, providing beautiful aesthetics, with the chance to relax in style and luxury.

The Cast Iron Bath Company, are experts in the field of roll top baths. We offer cast iron roll top baths which have the distinct ability to transform the look of the bedroom or bathroom they are in and make a stunning aesthetic difference.

Our cast iron roll top baths have soft curved edges with a deep indulgent design, so that every bath you take will be a memorable one! Browse through our exclusive range of the UK's best selection of high quality roll top baths.

At The Cast Iron Bath Company, we have a range that is designed to suit a whole host of budgets and needs. If you require a roll top bath to suit a petite bathroom, we can provide that – if you require a large tub for a luxurious soaking experience, then we can supply that too.

Investing in a luxury roll top bath will add value to your home and gives you the perfect place to unwind and relax in a stylish comfortable environment. Our roll top baths come in a range of styles, such as cast iron baths, copper baths, slipper baths and bateau baths. This means that you should be able to find the right bath to suit your personal tastes and make your bathroom the luxurious relaxing space that you deserve.

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