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Discover Hurlingham… a distinctive, individual and head-turning collection of original and classic freestanding baths and accessories, with an additional offering – an inspiring creative ability to offer a ‘bespoke twist’ tailored to our customer’s particular requirements.

Since its inception and launch, Hurlingham – The Bath Company philosophy is deeply rooted. Their aim – to not only deliver a unique and superb collection, they also challenge their very ‘own’ creativity. Hurlingham constantly explore new design influences which present both thrilling and timeless craftsmanship. Their passion is in their approach.

Made from classic and authentic materials such as cast iron, copper, brass, stainless steel and even marble, Hurlingham baths are customised and hand decorated in their Lincolnshire workshop by skilled craftsmen.

Individual refinement …they believe a requirement should be an extension of an individual décor decision, almost mirroring a ‘personal journey’ through shape, texture and colour influenced by personality and lifestyle.

Offering a continuing range of bespoke decorative finishes from the choice of over 4000 paint colours, a choice of fabric or genuine leather, Houlés braiding, real or faux metal leaf gilding, the use of cast iron appliqués and even intensive hand polishing finish, the Hurlingham approach is truly individual to add something really momentous to any bathroom.

This dedicated approach means Hurlingham have a deeper knowledge and passion for the craft and aim to instil this care into every product.

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