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Traditional cast iron radiators, hand built in the UK, assembled and finished in the Carron workshops in the UK by Carron’s skilled technicians, their radiators come with a LIFETIME guarantee, such is the pride and trust they have in quality of work tehy produce.

Carron, also firmly believe in the practicality of the world we live in today, all of their radiator ranges are designed with modern day standards in mind.

Carron traditional radiators are perfectly positioned between the heritage and charm of historic design and the pragmatic efficiency required of 21st century heating.

Ranges and Styling

Carron have the largest range of traditional cast iron radiators in the UK with styles to suit all needs and requirements. Using traditional foundry methods and techniques, harking back to a bygone era, to authentically reproduce the cast iron radiator range.

Their traditional pieces cover all manner of periods and influences, including highly decorative Chelsea and Antoinette style to the more classic ranges like the Churchill and Duchess. Explore the full range and accessories by simply clicking below.