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The Ikea prefab homes designed to make life with dementia easier

This new venture by Ikea will introduce flatpack housing that will allow dementia patients to stay independent

Boklok Silviabo housing
(Image credit: BoKlok)

Ikea have pioneered clever flatpack furniture for many decades now, and now they're going a step further: flatpack homes with a difference. 

Ikea co-own BoKlok, a company that is a subsidiary of the Swedish construction giant Skanska. Now BoKlok have teamed up with Ikea to provide prefab homes specifically with elderly people suffering from dementia in mind. 

The housing range has been named 'Silviabo' in honour of Silvia the queen of Sweden, who has personally backed the project. 

The housing will feature communal gardens and community centres, while simple adjustments indoors should make life with dementia easier. For example, the homes will feature mirrorless bathrooms and no dark flooring, since both features can distress people suffering from dementia. 

Boklok Silviabo housing

(Image credit: BoKlok)

Old-fashioned knobs and handles will make navigating kitchens easier. The first Silviabo block of six homes has been unveiled just outside Stockholm. 

Ikea are also planning to roll out more conventional accessible housing for the elderly wishing to continue living independently, too. Love it. 

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