These are the most-Googled recipes of 2020 (You've definitely made No.1)

Here’s what everyone was learning to bake in quarantine this year!

most-Googled recipes
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Did you really live through 2020 if you don’t have some form of sourdough starter tucked away in your fridge? Whether you became a home baker or you’ve mastered the art of whipped coffee, according to Google Trends, it turns out most of us took on some form of quarantine-related baking activity throughout the various lockdowns and extended time at home.

The data-driven search trends has found the ten recipes that rose to the top in the kitchens of curious bakers around the world during our collective year in lockdown due to the global pandemic—and while some of them, like sourdough and whipped coffee, come as no surprise, there are a couple of recipes that took us by surprise (and make us want to head to the kitchen immediately!).

From homemade sourdough bread to classic DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies, below, we’ve listed out the most-Googled recipes of 2020. And to be honest, these heavily Googled baked goods and treats were probably one of the best (and tastiest) silver linings of this weird and unprecedented year at home.

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most-Googled recipes

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Everyone and their mom embarked on a new sourdough hobby this year—and for good reason. While sourdough starter does, admittedly, take some maintenance, once you get the hang of it, sourdough bread is wildly easy to make and tastes way better than anything you’d find at the grocery store. Be sure to check out our sourdough recipe here.

Whipped coffee

Whipped—or Dalgona—coffee was a close second. The trendy whipped coffee drink rose to prominence after South Korean actor Jung Il Woo attempted to whip coffee at a cafe in Macau. If you’re thirsty for the frothy, sweet and bitter concoction, check out our whipped coffee recipe.

Disney churro

While we couldn’t exactly visit the Disney Parks this year, we were at least able to whip up the famous Disney churros from the comfort of home. After releasing their famous churro recipe earlier this year, the Disney churro became the third most Googled recipe of the year!

Dole Whip

Likewise, the famous Disney Dole Whip became an at-home favorite after Disney released its recipe earlier this year. One of the most famous snacks at Disney Parks, Dole Whip is essentially pineapple, vanilla ice cream, and lemon juice.

DoubleTree cookie

Is there anything better than checking into a hotel and being welcomed with warm cookies? We think not! The famous DoubleTree cookie became a well-loved kitchen staple this year after Hilton released its well-kept recipe for cookie lovers to bake at home.

Ikea meatball

Without Disney Parks, Hilton Hotels, and trips to Ikea, it’s pretty clear what we’ve missed the most about having to stay home this year! Like Disney and Hilton, Ikea had released their most well-loved recipe earlier this year so that would-be Ikea shoppers could indulge in the famed meal while staying safe at home.


most-Googled recipes

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Cheese? Check. Waffles? Check. Honestly, what’s not to love about a chaffle? The decadent and savory breakfast dish is both extremely simple to make but also wildly satisfying. It can also be made vegan and keto-friendly which makes it pretty hard to beat.

Hamburger bun

Between all the extra time we had to spend in the kitchen and all the socially-distanced barbecues, hamburger buns were a hot commodity this year! Looking for a burger to pair with your buns? We’ve listed out the best vegan burger recipe here.

Egg salad sandwich

Think about it like this: what’s one of the easiest and most available on-the-go snacks? The egg salad sandwich! While it may be a bit on the smelly side, this classic to-go sandwich evoked some serious nostalgia this year.

Healthy banana bread

Banana bread is the unsung hero of cutting back on kitchen waste. What other decadent treat could you make that uses up all your nearly-expired breakfast fruit? If you’ve been noticing the bananas pile up, consider whipping up our ultimate banana bread recipe.