Hot chocolate bombs are the latest TikTok craze - Here's how to make them

See ya, Dalgona coffee! Hot chocolate bombs are the viral social media trend you need to try now

Hot chocolate trend
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While coffee lovers clamored over TikTok darling dalgona coffee earlier this year, social media is now offering something up for chocolate fiends—the hot chocolate bomb.

The new hot chocolate trend takes the sweet seasonal beverage to the next level while becoming the most indulgent way to welcome the cold weather—and it’s actually quite easy to make at home.

Despite its name, hot chocolate bombs are really pretty tame (albeit delicious). Essentially, the cocoa-based treat is a hollow chocolate sphere that’s filled with marshmallows and hot chocolate powder.

In order to make the warm drink, you put the chocolate ball into an empty mug, add hot milk, and watch as the chocolate begins melting and revealing the chocolatey marshmallow surprise inside. The marshmallows rise to the top while the cocoa powder and chocolate shell mingle together for a rich and decadent formula that beats hot cocoa powder by a long shot.

So where did it all begin? TikTok influencer Ashlei Nordmeyer started posting her take on hot chocolate bombs last month—and it took off by storm. Her ASMR-like videos have garnered millions of views since they were originally posted with users across TikTok and Pinterest sharing their own recipes as well.


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While they look like something out of a high end chocolate shop, these tasty treats are actually pretty simple to make. All you have to do is combine your favorite type of chocolate with heavy cream and sugar, melt it in the microwave, spread it inside a rounded silicone mold, and pop it in the fridge to harden. From there, add your mini marshmallows and cocoa in one of the semi-circles, and place an empty semi-circle on top. Seal your spheres together with a bit of melted chocolate and place the whole thing back in the fridge to harden again—and voila!

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If you’d prefer to indulge in the treat without having to prepare it yourself, pre-made hot chocolate bombs were spotted at Costco by @costcohotfinds, in a variety of decadent flavors like milk chocolate, s’mores, and salted caramel. The best part? A box of 16 hot chocolate bombs will run you less than $20.