25 Boxing Day recipes: how to create the perfect post-Christmas spread

The day of grazing, watching telly and snoozing on the sofa, these are the Boxing Day recipes that will help make those last moments of Christmastime extra special and delicious

Festive ham on Boxing Day spread
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Whether you prefer a buffet and want nibbles galore to graze on all day, or if a full on Christmas feast round two is part of your family tradition, we have rounded up the most mouth-watering Boxing Day recipes to inspire your culinary choices. Because while the festive period is not the same this year, it doesn't mean that the food and drink should be anything less than sublime.

From the perfect tipples to help wake you up from a Christmas Day hangover, to delicious meaty options, leftover turkey recipes, plus vegan and vegetarian delights so that everyone is kept happy, we have everything you could want to see on your plate. And, it goes without saying that Boxing Day is the day to relax, eat, and look in on the best Boxing Day sales too, so all of the following recipe ideas are pretty easy to make and should simply make use of what you have leftover from your epic Christmas dinner.

1. Bloody Marys

Two Birds vodka bloody mary recipe

(Image credit: Two Birds Spirits)

If you need a little hair of the dog then a good bloody Mary will do the trick. Vodka + nutritious tomato juice and a dash of spice is the perfect cure.

2. Virgin piña coladas

Caleño piña colada mocktail recipe

(Image credit: Caleño)

And if you actually cannot stomach anything with a percentage of alcohol in it, go for a fabulous mocktail. Our favorite is the Caleño piña colada, it's delicious whether or not you are caught in the rain on Boxing Day.

3. Leftover breakfast hash

breakfast hash in dish

(Image credit: Hellmanns)

Ah we do eat roast potatoes by the kilo on Christmas Day and if you happen to have any leftover, a breakfast hash like this one from Hellmanns is a great move and a fine way to use up leftover eggs. And we have many more egg recipes to tempt you if that really is the case. 

4. Smoked salmon rosti

Aldi rosti with smoked salmon

(Image credit: Aldi)

Make use of your Maris Pipers with these gourmet potato rosti complete with luxurious smoked salmon. A true Boxing Day delight.

5. Leftover turkey everything 

delicious turkey, cranberry and stilton tart

(Image credit: Gressingham)

If you got a big bird this year then finding the best ways to use up leftover turkey starts now! From bruschetta to turkey bubble and squeak, turkey cranberry tart and much more, it will be virtually impossible for any of your turkey to go to waste.

6. Good ol' bubble and squeak

Root vegetable hash

(Image credit: Tesco/Jamie Oliver)

But not your regular (brilliant) recipe, our bubble and squeak method is Jamie Oliver inspired and so tasty it will knock your socks off.

7. Festive glazed ham

Festive glazed ham

(Image credit: Miele)

A typical joint to enjoy on Boxing Day, prepare a glazed ham using our easy recipe and feast like a King for the rest of 2020.

8. Leftover Boxing Day burger

Boxing Day vegan burger

(Image credit: Merchant Gourmet)

As far as vegan burgers go, this is the ultimate festive treat created using lentils, miso, chestnuts and a swapping ketchup for cranberry sauce if you still want to go for Christmas flavors all the way. Try this recipe out from Merchant Gourmet and if you're wondering how to go vegan in preparation for January, this is a great recipe to keep to hand!

9. Slow cooker gammon


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Move over turkey, put gammon on your Boxing Day menu for a still very festive and flavorsome alternative. Our slow cooker gammon recipe also means that prep will be minimal, perfect. And, all you need to do to recreate your festive roast is warm up any leftover veggies and gravy in the microwave. 

10. Sausage rolls

how to make sausage rolls

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Would it be a Boxing Day spread without sausage rolls? You know the answer. Whip these savory, wholesome British pastries in a jiffy.  

11. The ultimate toasted turkey sandwich

leftover turkey sandwich cut in half

(Image credit: Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash)

When you're hungry, even a simple a turkey sandwich will do the job, but jazz it up with leftover turkey sandwich tips from a top Chef and you're in for a real Boxing Day feast.

12. Roasted vegetable quiche 

autumn recipes beetroot, kale and brie quiche

(Image credit: National Trust)

The perfect way to use up leftover vegetables and a fine option to make for any veggies, roasted vegetable quiche is comforting, savory and easy to make so an ideal recipe to choose on Boxing Day.

13. Chicken (or turkey) bhuna

chicken bhuna served in metal dish

(Image credit: Great British Chefs)

A curry is a great choice of meal on Boxing Day and it provides the perfect opportunity to use up any meat or veg leftovers too. Whether you want to whip this up at lunch or as a more hearty dinner, try out a classic chicken bhuna recipe to enjoy a delicious warming meal post-Christmas.  

14. Leftover turkey tikka masala

leftover turkey tikka masala

(Image credit: Tastesmiths)

Fresh, warming and lightly spiced with ginger, chilli plus more authentic ingredients found in the super easy Tastesmiths kit, make this on Boxing Day using your leftover turkey, and sit down to a tasty meal in no time at all.

15. Or leftover lamb curry

leftover lamb curry

(Image credit: Getty Imagws)

We all eat different things on Christmas day. And if you enjoyed succulent roasted lamb, then a tasty leftover lamb curry really is the way for you to go. Plus, you'll likely have all the ingredients already in your cupboard so no need to dash to the corner shop.

16. Vegan sweet potato curry

Crock Pot slow cooker recipes vegan curry

(Image credit: Crock Pot)

If you're not the picture of health on Boxing Day then you may need some more vegetables in your life, and if you didn't use up all your sweet potatoes then a vegan sweet potato curry is the warming and delicious recipe for you. Psst, you can make it in a slow cooker.

17. Leftover turkey tacos

festive turkey tacos on Christmas table

(Image credit: Heinz to Home)

Leftover turkey still going strong? If you fancy something a little more exciting, put turkey tacos on your Boxing Day menu for a contemporary culinary treat.

18. Drunken trout sandwiches

drunken trout canapés

(Image credit: Irish trout)

A delicious idea for an open sandwich, canapé style addition to your Boxing Day buffet spread. Created using Goatsbridge smoked trout, goats cheese, capers, lemon and more on soda bread bases 

19. Waldorf salad

Waldorf salad

(Image credit: Getty)

Yes, a little salad is always a good shout on a buffet spread or even as a side dish. Try this festive take on Waldorf salad and you'll be able to use up all those leftover sprouts too. 

20. Classic egg mayo sandwich 

egg mayo stacked sandwich on wooden chopping board

(Image credit: Great British Chefs)

Perfect for those that really overdid it on turkey and all the Christmas flavors on and/or around the 25th, an egg mayo sarnie like this one created by Great British Chefs is fresh, far more nutritious than that box of Quality Street and really easy to make. 

21. Vegan smashed potato nachos

potato nachos covered with tomato sauce

(Image credit: Hellmanns)

Another brilliant way to make use of those leftover potatoes and also a brilliant vegan food option,  try out this simple Boxing Day recipe by Hellmanns.

22. Club sandwich

two layered turkey club sandwich with sausages

(Image credit: Hellmanns)

Like a turkey sandwich, but a little more intense. Here Hellmanns' recipe makes use of everything from sprouts, to red cabbage, gravy and even wee pigs in blankets too.

23. Coronation turkey sandwich

turkey coronation sandwich

(Image credit: Hellmanns)

What a way to jazz up any leftover white meat, whether it's turkey or a roast chicken you had on Christmas Day. Try this classic British sandwich out on Boxing Day courtesy of Hellmanns.

24. Chocolate beetroot cake

chocolate cake with beetroot

(Image credit: Miele)

Totally different to Christmas pud, this chocolate cake with beetroot will provide the ultimate chocolate kick you need on Boxing Day to wrap up the festivities. Beautiful, delicious and the beetroot can trick you into thinking it's a little healthy!

25. White chocolate cheesecake

white chocolate cranberry cheesecake

(Image credit: First Catch our Gingerbread by Sam Bilton,)

We did warn you that we weren't done with sweet treats, and this festive white chocolate and cranberry cheesecake is absolutely no exception.